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Model of intellectual development of individual under negative external environment

T.A. Lavrova
professor, the Department of National Economy, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, professor
St. Petersburg


  • intellectual development
  • bioenergetics processes
  • individual
  • bioenergetics balance
  • evolution
  • consciousness improvement
  • We show the results of researching bioenergetics processes of intellectual development of an individual. Based on individual analysis of processes of consciousness improvement we develop a theoretical model of intellectual development that can be considered as the basis for individual improvement or society improvement. We also look at the issues of further evolution of the society and an individual under innovation technologies development, when devices and software gradually replace humans in the production process. The intellectual development is targeted at the formation of a strong personality able to cope with difficulties, to think creatively and to realize self-improvement. Hence, intellectual development makes the basis for further evolution of person, society, civilization.