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Heat supply in Leningrad region: concession time

A.A. Kopkov
1st category specialist, the Fare and Pricing Committee of Leningrad region


  • Ministry of Construction of Russia
  • Leningrad region
  • Volkhov Municipal District
  • concession
  • boiler house
  • fare
  • fare difference
  • We substantiate the need to make concession agreements in heat supply sphere, i.e. to attract investment to reconstruct current facilities or to build the new ones. A successful development of a region relies on its public utilities infrastructure. Heat supply companies play an essential role here as they provide the population and local business with heat during the winter period that makes up the biggest part of the calendar year in Leningrad region. The companies inherited the main facilities from the USSR, which makes it obvious why they cannot fully perform their duties. This fact determines the need in such kind of agreements in the sphere in question.