Верхнее меню

Patriotic Activity of Russian Orthodox Church during Great Patriotic War

O.A. Goryanov
Head of Karelia metropole, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, professor of Theology


  • Great Patriotic War
  • Orthodoxy
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Nazi Germany
  • fascism
  • self-sacrificingness of people
  • strength of mind
  • heroic deed of Russian soldiers
  • historical memory
  • We look at religious aspects of the Great Patriotic War. We show the antichristian essence of fascism and Hitlerism. We demonstrate the role of Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodox Church in strengthening the mind and faith of people during the Great Patriotic War. We substantiate the need to preserve the historical truth of the victory of Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War despite current sacrilegious attempts to falsify the history of the war and the Great Victory.