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Heroic Deed of Personnel and Alumni of Military Medical Academy during Great Patriotic War

V.S. Novikov
A.M. Shelepov
raen. vsn@mail.ru
vice-president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, chairperson of the section of interdisciplinary problems of science and education of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a recipient of the State Prize in Science and Engineering, Honored Science Worker, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, professor
professor, the Department of Organization and Tactics of Medical Service, Kirov Military Medical Academy, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Science Worker, Doctor of Medicine, professor
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • Military Medical Academy
  • Great Patriotic War
  • scientific research
  • personnel training
  • military doctors
  • Academy departments
  • evacuation hospital
  • contribution of Military Medical Academy
  • We analyze the contribution of the Military Medical Academy to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Academy provided great support to Leningrad front preparing military medical staff for the battlefield. Almost two thirds of professors and teachers of the Academy went to the front. The scientific research carried out in the Academy during the war was highly appreciated. Professors N.N. Anichkov, S.S. Girgolav and his workmates and V.N. Shevkunenko with the students were awarded Stalin Prize. During the Great Patriotic War Kirov Military Medical Academy trained and sent to the front 1829 young military doctors. All of them heroically kept to their patriotic and professional commitment.