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Computer Visualization as Method of Verification of Simulation Models of Complex Dynamic Processes

E.N. Nikulin
E.N. Sergeev
A.I. Panteleev
professor, the Department of Ammunition and Means of Destruction, D. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, professor
senior design engineer, Transas Technologies, plc, PhD in Engineering
deputy general director, ADERA Business security agency, PhD in Engineering
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • splinter flow
  • simulation model
  • coordinate transformation
  • visualization
  • verification
  • The article is devoted to the description of the module for three-dimensional display of data exported from the calculation program by means of a text file of the established format into the visualizer program in the MaxScript language, built-in in the Autodesk 3dsmax package. The module in question enables the user (developer) to exercise visual control of the correct operation of simulation models of complex dynamic processes connected with multiple transformations of the coordinate systems and intermediate transformations when debugging software, for example, when evaluating the effectiveness of fragmentation ammunition on armored targets from the point of view of common sense.