Верхнее меню

Concept of Development of Medical and Physiological Research within Government Program of Complex Study of Arctic Area of Russian Federation

S.I. Soroko
V.S. Novikov
Head of Laboratory, I. Sechenov Institute of Evolutional Physiology and Biochemistry, Doctor of Medicine, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science, professor
vice-president of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of International Academy of Astronautics, recipient of the State Prize in Science and Engineering, Honored Science Worker, Doctor of Medicine, professor
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • the Arctic
  • strategy of economic development
  • population
  • health
  • medicine
  • physiology
  • public health
  • The problems of developing life support systems and social security of the population of Russian Arctic are looked at. The priority tasks for medical and physiological research taking into account climatic, geographic, socio-economic and environmental conditions are set. We prove the need to include a special section connected with scientific and applied medical and physiological studies in the Russian Federation State program of the Arctic research and offer the structure of the section in question.