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Chernobyl Lessons: Analysis and Assessment of Consequences

M.N. Tikchonov
specialist of Interindustry Expert and Certification Scientific, Technical and Control Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Security, member of International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human Safety and Nature, senior researcher
St. Petersburg


  • characteristic
  • consequences and lessons of Chernobyl disaster
  • liquidators of disaster consequences
  • radiation accident
  • transuranium hot alpha particles
  • radiotoxicity
  • Every year on 26th of April a tragic date is commemorated all over the world, the anniversary of Chernobyl disaster. Lately the 26th of April has been commemorated also as Memory Day of victims of radiation accidents such as Chernobyl in 1986, Kyshtym in 1957, Tomsk in 1993, etc. Traditionally various events are held to commemorate these sad dates. The purpose of the article is to pay special attention to the analysis of consequences and lessons of the disaster.