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Forming Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Strategic Partnership in Housing and Communal Services Sphere

N.Ye. Mazalov
A.A. Matveev
professor of the Department of Economy and Management of Enterprise, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics
candidate for PhD at specialized Gazprom Department of St. Petersburg State University of Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • housing and communal services
  • organizational and economic mechanism
  • strategic partnership of companies
  • oligopoly
  • monopolistic competitors
  • franchising
  • We consider relevant issues of forming strategic partnership of companies in the housing and communal services sphere. Problem areas in the sphere in question are distinguished. We offer a classification of the companies working in the production sector of housing and communal services and divide them into oligopolies and monopolistic competitors. Opportunities to establish strategic partnership in housing and communal services sphere on the basis of franchising are looked at.