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State Policy in Regulating Sport and Physical Culture

I.D. Pososhkov
V.I. Kosogortzev
senior lecturer, the Department of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD in Economics
candidate for PhD, the Department of Economics and Service Sphere Management, St. Petersburg State University of Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • sport
  • physical culture
  • state regulation
  • legal regulation
  • legislation concerning sport and physical culture
  • Russian society
  • We consider the problem of state regulation of physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation. Currently the development of physical culture and sport is seen as a priority task of the state; meanwhile there is a problem of legal regulation of the sphere in question due to the fact that certain international legal norms are not reflected in the national legislation. At present the main problem of Russia is the crisis of the population’s health and the state and regional policy in this sphere can significantly contribute to solving the problem.