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General Questions of Methodology of Elite Sport and its Pharmacological Support

Ye.B. Shustov
Deputy Director for Science, Scientific Centre of Biomedical Technologies of Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Doctor of Medicine, professor, recipient of the State Prize in Science and Engineering, associate member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Svetlie gory (Moscow reg)


  • elite sport
  • system approach
  • system dynamics
  • sport pharmacology
  • vector of pharmacological support
  • management process
  • We analyze the methodological basis for cooperation of an athlete, a coach and a doctor in sports medicine as a system triad to achieve maximum sport result as well as the phase of system dynamics and specific features of tasks facing modern sport pharmacology. We introduce the concepts of modern pharmacology of elite sport, vectors of pharmacological support of athletes and the regime of pharmacological support and its individualization. The process of pharmacological support is seen as a management process.