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Priorities of Improving Process Management of Providing Medical Services in Healthcare Institutions of Russian Federation

M.V. Sigova
O.M. Kulikova
A.A. Boboshko
Rector of International Banking Institute, Doctor of Economics, associate professor
senior lecturer at the Department of Quality and Production Systems Management, The Siberian Automobile and Highway Academy, PhD in Economics, associate professor
candidate for PhD at the Department of Economics and Management in Service Sphere, St. Petersburg University of Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • economy of healthcare
  • improving processes of providing medical services
  • cognitive analysis
  • method of hierarchy analysis
  • We analyze current problems of healthcare in the Russian Federation. The importance of optimization of medical institutions is proved and priorities of improving the process management of providing medical services are determined. The application of the method of hierarchy analysis resulted in the conclusion that the quality and availability of medical service mainly depend on the effectiveness of strategic and operational management of providing medical services in healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation and implementing there innovation technologies.