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Current Trends in Forming Creative Clusters in St. Petersburg

A.D. Yevmenov
I.Yu. Blagova
D.S. Scorchelletti
the Rector of Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, Head of Social and Economic Processes Management Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor
senior lecturer at the Department of Management of Economic and Social Processes of St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, PhD in Economics
professor, the department of Management of Social and Economic Processes, St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television, Doctor of Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • creative industries
  • creative clusters
  • St. Petersburg
  • cluster policy
  • factors of forming creative clusters
  • We offer our own definition of "creative cluster", reveal the specific characteristics of the cluster policy implemented in St. Petersburg in the sphere of creative industries and systemize factors influencing the processes of clustering in creative industries.