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Role of Heraldic Symbols in Cutlture and Sports Development

O.Yu. Barinov


  • heraldry
  • heraldic symbols
  • emblem
  • brand
  • football
  • team
  • supporter
  • suit
  • sports clothes
  • fashion industry
  • We believe that the success of modern football industry is connected with proper use of heraldic symbols being an integral part of European culture. We carry out a historical analysis of heraldry development and come to the conclusion that heraldic symbols have had their own history: titles and classes no longer exist and there is no need to differentiate enemies on the battlefield, but still many heraldic symbols remain significant and can be seen in architecture, costumes and language. New historical circumstances such as public team games have breathed new life into heraldic symbols. It can be illustrated by ancient British heraldic emblems that have become popular in attributes and uniforms of famous English football clubs. In our research we follow up the continuity of team sports heraldic symbols in modern fashion industry. Using heraldic symbols in creating fashion brands is seen as one of the reasons for the popularity of sports clothes that in recent years have lost its purpose and have become one of the modern symbols.