Верхнее меню

Soviet Border Troops in Heroic Battle of Leningrad: Looking back after 75 years

E.M. Filippov
Honorable Frontier Guard of Federal Security Service of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of History, professor
St. Petersburg


  • Great Patriotic War
  • siege
  • victory
  • fascist Germany
  • border troops
  • border detachment
  • independent commandant's offices
  • operational regiments of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs
  • infantry border divisions
  • New Peterhof Border Military-Political College
  • soviet soldiers
  • ice Road of Life
  • We make a detailed analysis of battle episodes with combined participation of the Red Army military units and border troops in the heroic battle of Leningrad. We preserve the historical truth about the border regiments of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs represented as a united, organized and battle-worthy military body. We consider their service and military activities connected not only with participation in battles as in case of the Red Army combatant formations but also in guarding the acting army rear, fighting the landing forces of the enemy as well as active participation in the protection of the ice Road of Life and special operations in the enemy’s rear.