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First Track on the Moon. From History of Creating Lunar Self-Propelling Landing Gear

M.N. Okhochinskiy
senior lecturer, the Department of Rocket Production, D. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University (Voenmeh), corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of K. Tsyolkovskiy Russian Space Exploration Academy, recipient of the Prize of St. Petersburg in Education
St. Petersburg


  • Lunokhod-1
  • lunar self-propelling landing gear
  • motor-in-wheel
  • traficability evaluator
  • landing gear automatic control unit
  • remote control technology
  • We look at the history of making the first lunar self-propelling landing gear that worked on the surface of the Earth satellite as a part of the automated remotely controlled spacecraft Lunokhod-1. We demonstrate the role of Mobile Vehicle Engineering Institute and Lavochkin Research and Production Association in designing spacecraft that was a pioneer in implementing the new technology of distance contact study of the planets belonging to the Solar system using space robotized complexes.