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Characteristics of Distance Staff Recruitment under COVID-19

A.E. Parshukov
assistant, Higher School of Service and Trade, Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, PhD in Economics
St. Petersburg


  • staff selection
  • HR under COVID-19
  • personnel management
  • distance selection
  • distance work with personnel
  • Current global situation aggravated by the pandemic emphasized not only the importance but also the evidence of such trends as telecommunications, teleworking, flexible forms of work organization, high degree of digitalization. We look at ways of working with personnel taking into consideration issues of distance selection and recruitment partly dependent on the location of the HR-specialist and the future working place of an applicant. Along with disadvantages resulting from the lack of emotional interaction, we note certain advantages such as saving applicants’ time and money when meeting HR specialists, flexible schedule and possibility to work outside your region.