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Trends and Prospects of Development of Space-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems

V.I. Evseev
I.O. Kolachev
professor, the Department of Radio Electronic Control Systems, D. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University (Voenmeh), Doctor of Engineering, Laureate of the prize of St. Petersburg «For the Humanization of Education»
engineer, D. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University (Voenmeh)
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • radar
  • remote sensing of the Earth
  • synthesized aperture radar
  • spacecraft
  • viewing modes
  • informative value
  • efficiency
  • polarization matrix
  • phased array antenna
  • We assess the role of synthetic aperture radars (RSA) in Earth remote sensing systems. The increase of informative value and efficiency are analyzed as the trends in the development of remote monitoring tools from space carriers. Promising directions for the development of the systems in question are identified.