Верхнее меню

Achievements of Peter the Great in Formation of State, Navy, Science

V.S. Novikov
Vice President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Chairperson of Section of Interdisciplinary Problems of Science and Education of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Science Worker, Winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in Science and Engineering, Doctor of Medicine, professor
St. Petersburg


  • Peter I
  • state
  • navy
  • ship-building
  • army
  • wars
  • school creation
  • officers training
  • army rearmament
  • state reforms
  • establishment of Academy of Sciences
  • building of St. Petersburg
  • We consider the activities of Peter the Great aimed at the formation, strengthening and development of Russian state, the defence of its territory and population from aggressive neighboring countries, the creation of modern ground forces and navy, the reorganization of government system, education and science.