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Peter the Great and Russian Artillery

S.I. Kudryavtsev
senior teacher, the Department of Small-gun, Artillery and Rocket Weapons», D.F. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH»
St. Petersburg


  • artillery reforms of Peter I
  • the materiel of the artillery of the first quarter of the XVIII century
  • We look at the main directions of the reforms initiated by Peter I in the Russian artillery in the first quarter of the XVIII century concerning the organization of the artillery and the development of the materiel. The main design features of the artillery guns used during the Northern War are analyzed. The conclusion is made about the significance of the tradition since the reign of Peter the Great to constantly improve the materiel of the artillery. We pay attention to the great achievements of researchers and graduates of the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute in making artillery guns, combat vehicles and missile systems in the XX century.