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Labor Market Development Strategy in Regional Management System

A.I. Kotov
V.F. Bogachev
A.S. Mikulenok
Special Representative of the Governor of St. Petersburg on Economic Development Issues, the Governor Administration, PhD in Economics, associate professor
chief researcher, Institute for Regional Economic Studies, Doctor of Economics, Professor
junior researcher, Institute for Regional Economic Studies
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • labor market
  • unemployment rate
  • employment
  • vacancies
  • recruitment
  • workforce management strategy
  • We make a brief analysis of the main strategic objectives ensuring the achievement of the general goal of St. Petersburg's strategy including the problem of effective labor market.
    Modern interpretations of "labor market" are given; problems of labor resources in a megapolis are seen from the modern point of view. The main attention is paid to the challenges faced by the current labor market management system in the region, one of which is the international sanctions that dramatically changed the principles and methods of working with personnel, setting the government a complex task of transforming the entire system of training and using the regional labor resources. Another challenge is the development of distance learning in the educational system which may adversely affect the quality of training.