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Gene Associated with Fat Mass and Obesity and its Role in Forming Components of Metabolic Syndrome

N.A. Korelskaya
A.V. Berezina
Ye.A. Bazhenova
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • gene associated with fat mass and obesity
  • single nucleotide replacement
  • bodymass index
  • obesity
  • metabolic syndrome
  • Recently we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering from obesity and overweight and the amount of people having a pathologically high bodymass index is growing. In recent years genes and variants of genomes connected with pathological overweight have been discovered. One of the those is the gene associated with fat mass and obesity. Single nucleotide replacements in the gene in question, particularly rs9939609, affect the bodymass index. We consider various mechanisms of influence of the gene associated with fat mass and obesity and single nucleotide replacement on the bodymass; we also look at how it is connected with changes of different metabolic rates changing due to obesity and metabolic syndrome.