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Analysis of Development Dynamics of Sphere of Culture in Russian Federation

A.S. Sotnikova
candidate for PhD at the Department of Management of Economic and Social Processes, St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television
St. Petersburg


  • sphere of culture
  • creative industries
  • cultural services
  • cultural and leisure institutions
  • subsectors of creative industries
  • We offer the analysis of the dynamics and trajectory of development of the sphere of culture in the Russian Federation. We reveal the growth of the number of theatres and museums as well as an increase in the range of their services. We also see a decreasing number of libraries and cultural and leisure institutions and lack of statistics concerning the subsectors of creative industries such as music, gallery business, fashion, design, graphics, architecture, cultural tourism, online, video and computer games, internet applications as well as visual arts being full subjects of the sphere of culture as far as its modern interpretation is concerned.