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Approaches and mechanisms of managing human capital development under economy of knowledge in capital cities

S.A. Ivanov
head of the Laboratory of Socio-Economic and Political Processes in Modern Society, St. Petersburg State University; head of the Laboratory of Problems of Development of Social and Ecological Environment and Regional Labor Resources Reproduction, Institute of Problems of Regional Economy of Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Economics, full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
St. Petersburg


  • economy of knowledge
  • capital city
  • human capital
  • professional education
  • profession
  • young people
  • innovations
  • employment sphere
  • unemployment
  • management
  • We research the problems of the development of workforce capacity under the economy of knowledge in a capital city by the example of St. Petersburg. The data shows a mismatch between the structure and directions of personnel training in the system of higher education and the needs of employers. We offer recommendations regarding the development of the system to manage the staffing of the branches of the economy of knowledge.