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Bologna process as way to illusory order via prelusory chaos

Yu.I. Romanov
Professor, the Department of Social, Legal and Humanitarian Disciplines, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, State Institute of Economics, Finance, Law and Technology


  • Bologna agreement
  • bachelor
  • master
  • duration of study
  • tests
  • mobility
  • Russian National Exam
  • enforcing of social changes
  • step-by-step principle
  • innovation development
  • The relevance of the research results from the difficulties of applying Bologna resolutions to Russian higher education. The public attention is attracted to visible confrontation of the Bologna ideas and their inability to be fully applied in Russia. The long-established domestic system of education comes into conflict with Bologna agreement. The system in question includes school education, middle vocational education, a hierarchy of higher education positions for the professional growth of graduates. The mobility encouraged by Bologna agreements causes anxiety among the domestic industry leaders due to the possibility for young talented people to get a job abroad.