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 В. С. Новиков, главный редактор
V.S. Novikov
, vice-president of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Laureate of State prize of Russian Federation, Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation, Doctor of Medicine, professor, St. Petersburg

Vasily Novikov was born on 9 March 1949 in Domodedovo, Moscow region.

Vasily Novikov is a recipient of the State Prize in Science and Engineering, Holder of the Gold Star of Science, Honored Science Worker, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, professor, vice-president of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Union, chairperson of the section of Interdisciplinary problems of science and education of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of Research Council of Russian Academy of Science «Ecology of Man», editor-in-chief of the journal «Herald of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences» (St. Petersburg).

He has made 2 scientific discoveries, written 580 research papers including 2 textbooks, 22 monographs, 6 guides and 5 books on the history of science. He is the founder of the scientific school connected with physiology of extreme exposures. Vasily Novikov was involved in the supervision of 44 theses for the PhD degree.

His main scientific achievements have been described in the monographs «Nonspecific Mechanisms of Human Adaptation» (Science, 1984), «Physiology of Extreme Conditions» (Science, 1998), «Correction of Functional Conditions under Extreme Exposures» (Science, 1998), «Radiation Safety and Health of Belarus Population» (Professional, 2014). Among the main historical non-fiction books we should name «History of Military Medical Academy for 200 years» (1998), «We’ve served Russia from Childhood» (2011), «Outstanding Hygienists of Russia» (2012), etc.